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Sleeman and Hawken Testimonials

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Dear Sirs

I recently bought a head gasket and rubber seals for my ancient Sabb H series engine

And I feel compelled to mention that I've never experienced such superb service before.

How many orders do you get for these items each year ?   two or three maybe.

Yet there they were,  in stock,  off the shelf,  delivered next day.

What more could anyone ask

Thank you

Gordon in Suffok, UK (October 2013)


Hi Graham,

Many thanks for the information. Great service as usual.

All the best

Rod in Ourique, Portugal (October 2013)


Thank you very much for your due diligence. Good working with you and hopefully again in the near future.

Kind regards,

Samson in Los Angeles, USA (October 2013)


Thank you very much for your help excellent service.

Please pass on our thanks to Michael for his help and advice. We have been attempting to repair this Cement Mixer for over six months.


Una in Melrose, Scotland (September 2013)



Congratulations, for your very fast shipment.

Many Thanks.

Marcos in Santiago, Chile (September 2013)


Thank you once again for your prompt response, a pleasure to deal with your organization.

Kind regards

Simon in Toodyay, Western Australia (September 2013)


Thanks for your help, excellent service as always


Phil in Ipswich, UK (August 2013)


Thank you Sean. Consider it done.
Thanks for your excellent service.

Peter in Buckinghamshire, UK (August 2013)


Hi Ryan... We received the package with filters... Everything is fine!!!

Thanks for your help and good customer service!!! Bye...

Received on Skype (August 2013)


Hi Russ,

Just a short e-mail to let you know that the parts arrived safely yesterday (Tuesday)

If I need more spare parts I will definitely get in touch again.

Thanks for the excellent service and fast delivery.

Best regards,

Eric in Groningen, Netherlands (August 2013)


Just to let you know the parts arrived today as expected and I am one happy person to have a working boat again!

Thank you very much!

Tony in Portsmouth, UK (August 2013)


Received the sleeve I ordered this morning ,thanks for great service


Michael in County Cork, Republic of Ireland (July 2013)


Hi Graham, great stuff, thank you very much for this quick service

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Frans in Bad Gandersheim, Germany (June 2013)


Hi Keith.

I am very impressed with your efficiency.

Many thanks on behalf of the Caribbean Maritime Institute!


Donovan in Kingston, Jamaica (April 2013)


dear sirs ,received my ph1 pistons complete with rings and very happy i will shop with you again soon cheers.

Mathew Duncan in the UK (March 2013)


ALL DONE.  many thanks  for helping me out ,and your patience,,,

Real Gagnon in Canada (January 2013)


Hi Sean , thank you very much for your prompt and efficient attention to my genny problems. I suppose that it is all in a day's work for you but I  can assure you that I am really grateful. I hope that you have a really good Christmas and a great New Year. Thanks again

Tony nr. Alicante, Spain (December 2012)



You are simply great. Now we are good friends.

On Monday our Purchase officer will get in touch with you to provide all the details.

Thank you,

Lalani in Karachi, Pakistan (November 2012)



We would like to thank you for the cooperation made by your team. We receive the subjected part today

Looking forward to work with you again in coming days .

Thanks very much.

Harald in Osaka, Japan (October 2012) 


Dear Graham
Sorry for late respond but I just came back to Vienna and got occupied.
Thank you for posting the items, my office forgot to confirm delivery with me.
As usual thank you for your effort and great service.

Michaela in Vienna, Austria again! (October 2012)



Item arrive today, that’s only three days!

Many thanks for such great service and the great freight rate all the way from the UK!

Homer in Wyoming, USA (August 2012)


Thank you, as usual a pleasure dealing with you.
Michaela in Vienna, Austria (July 2012)


As the owner of a Lister LPWS3 can I just say that your part supplies department is outstanding, helpful and very efficient, part ordered one day always arrive the next. I just wish other suppliers came up to your standard. I have as you might imagine recommended you to others.

Chris in Evesham, UK (July 2012)


Just a quick email to thank you for the fuel pump which has just arrived in perfect condition. I reckon that must be a record - from your stores in Devon to working in Jinja, Uganda in 2 days!!

Many thanks indeed for all your help.

All the best,

Kind regards,

Dave in Uganda (July 2012)


Dear Graham,

Thank you very much. Your support (and the rest of the team) is very much appreciated.

With kindest regards,

Joe in Uganda (July 2012)


The parts has been arrived today.
Thanks again for the excellent support.
Peter in the Netherlands (July 2012)


You are great man!!!

Thank You so much!

With Regards,

Olamide in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (June 2012)


Good Morning from Texas! 

Just a note to say that everything arrived on good order - which is normal when doing business with you all.

Thanks again, and have a great day.


Michael in Texas, USA (May 2012)


Noted with thanks. Thanks again for best services always.

Shafiqul in Chittagong, Bangladesh (April 2012)


Hello there, I just thoroughly enjoyed reading the mechanical advice section for Sabb diesels. very good!

Tom in the UK (March 2012)


Thanks Keith, you are the man. best regards.

Roland in Gloucestershire, UK (March 2012)


Just wanted to say thank you for your friendly service & the super fast delivery of my spare parts order. I live on a barge & rely on my generator for power, so your prompt service is very much appreciated! Many thanks & kind regards.

Sarah in Nottingham, UK (January 2012)


That’ll work great!  Thank you so much- it is appreciated. We owe you some barbeque : )

Michelle in Kansas, USA (November 2011)


Pump arrived very pleased, we can make that work !

Many thanks for your help and patience !

Phil in Hampshire, UK (November 2011)


You are the best ! Thats the gear we need, thanks !
Michaela in Vienna, Austria (Oct 2011)


Greetings!  Thanks so much!!!  Seal was received this morning via mail post!  Excellent, and thanks again!

Gerald in Virginia, USA (Oct 2011)


Hi would just like to thank you for the fast delivery and great service in dealing with my order for a  head gasket, if only all companies gave this service.

Leon in Hampsire, UK (Oct 2011)



Just a note to inform that i have received all parts, and in good order.

Thanks for your prompt attention and patience with my order. I will definitely order from Sleeman & Hawken again!!!!

No one here in the USA seems to want to help much when it comes to Lister-Petter parts.

Thanks again,

Michael in Texas, USA (Oct 2011)



Many thanks for this - very helpful as ever.

Best Regards

Graham in Aberdeen, Scotland (Sept 2011)


Thanks Keith you’re a star

Paul in Bristol, UK (Sept 2011 - I've been called worse!)


Hi Keith,

Thank you for the prompt reply, very helpful.

Ronan (Sept 2011)


Thank you Keith for an excellent service – and I mean that sincerely!!

Keith in Berkshire, UK - again! (Aug 2011)


Thankyou – excellent service

Gary at Lister Petter, New Zealand (Aug 2011)


hi package arrived today thanks very much will use again

Mr C. Hopper in County Durham, UK (Aug 2011)


Hi Graham & Kevin

Many thanks for the swift service.

Alan (Spider) Webb in Canada (July 2011)


Thank you very much for your prompt collection of damaged cylinder and delivery of replacement received this morning.

Excellent service!!!

Keith in Berkshire, UK (July 2011)


Thanks for your VERY prompt reply.  Most impressive....    could you add your thoughts about leisure batteries, please?   ......   nic  (R.H.Nicholls)



Either way, thank you for your excellent service, Gary Huntington Beach, CA 92649



I hope all is well with you, I have a rebuild to do on a Rolls Royce 'C' range generator engine, it only has 200 hours on it and is in essence brand new but I had to dismantle it and the rest of the generator completely to extract it from the building site where it had resided since 1973.  The series no. is 606602A/-159  and the model number is C6TFL . The head baskets and bobbins all look good enough to go again so what I really need is a conversion gasket set plus the rocker cover gaskets or the full gasket set if thats the only option. I have never had to buy parts for a RR engine before so I have no idea where to ask for these parts but you people there at Sleeman Hawken seem to be the TOP people for diesels so I start my hunt with you. Let me know if you can supply these parts and a quote, or point me in the right direction to some other supplier where I might get them. Thanks and best regards, Roland


Hi Keith, I would be interested in both to compare pricing. Just looking for the base engines.....How far are you folks from Luton?...I have a client there.I must say it is really great to actually have a dealer who emails you back and wants to do business.

best Dan


Thank you for your help and cooperation. Your efforts have been enormous and your effectiveness is admirable. We are very grateful.
Good weekend

Fernando Marques


Hi Keith, Thanks so much for your help, and the service/maintenance PDF tips on your website are astonishingly wonderful! I just happend to open it after I saved it (for later use) and was hooked by how readable it was, and just finished reading the whole thing! Wow! A great document that will be printed and stored onboard for sure!

For example, I didn't realise that the thrust rings are SUPPOSED TO BE BROKEN INTO TWO HALVES!?!? Haha, so turns out mine is not broken after all. But I shall get some spares anyway I think, along with some other pieces which I shall put together in a list soon.  Chris


I am very much glad to you all for taking the fastest action on my request. It really proved that M/s Sleeman & Hawken was how sincere on customer's request.
I wish your company reach more & more success from now on

Thanking you. Muhammed ADNAN


Lister Petter AC2  Hey keith, thanks for the quote, I never really expected to find these parts and now I have they are too expensive for me to afford! Story of my life really, I'll have a think about what lies I have to tell the wife (that she might actually believe) and get back to you, thanks for the great service as always and warm regards,

I am very pleasantly surprised. You really saved me. It seems, if you go on like this - the door of my house are open and you can be my guest during the summer.Adriatic Sea - Mediterranean - this is paradise, believe me. Montenegro

Ryan received the gaskets…….great service Many thanks Mike Slough

PAUL - Mr Mason   Thanks for your helpful info


Hello Keith, 

I see that you are as efficient as ever, fantastic.

Hi Kevin

Many thanks, I was really impressed with the service. It seems to be rare in this day and age for anyone to actually make the effort to find something out and deliver for a very low value order. 

Thanks once again and I look forward to receiving the parts.  RegardsAndrew

Sandra - Gosport

You are awesome Keith……

Thanks very much and you have a good weekend 

for Umoe Schat-Harding Ltd

Parts already arrived!! Great thanks Gents!!! Regards/Johny (Belguim)

Wow... You are awesome!!!!

Thanks Tim


sorry kieth, i did push the wrong button ,, but i have phoned my order in yesterday and received parts today ,, brilliant job, and so quick thanks for all your assistance in past and  will keep in touch ,, all the very best ,, derek

Marin Maras - Zadar Croatia

Im very happy that I found someone that still keeps parts for one the best engines ever made, he is very old but in his 50 years of service, he didnt let us down not even once.(expect the regulator, still Im very confused about that) by the way this engine was more than 8 months under the sea, and when my grandfather took it from the sea, and only removed water from it without disassembling  the engine, he put inside some old oil and dirty fuel oil and he started working at once.
I  wouldn't give this engine for nothing
Oh and sorry for some of my grammar mistakes.


Sabb 10hp single cylinder

Thank you very much indeed for your prompt and helpful reply. I have read your attachment and can now see how and why I have this one in the garage. My husband would have identified the problem and swapped over to the new model. I have to say that he was always meticulous with our super engine of which he was very proud. It never let us down in over 30 yrs and we became used to receiving so much admiration as people asked what it was !!

James Trout - Shaldon

The ferry never broke down due to the backup from your Company-engine Lister CS4 fabulous, reliable engine. Average running hours = 3500 per year over 10 years with regular maintenance-never missed a beat!

Rochelle - Ontario Canada

I really like the new website.  I went in and read all the testimonials and the one that touched me the most was the letter to the editor from the 14 yr old.  That was a very nice thing for you to do.  I can’t believe all the products you supply.  Too bad I’m not a golfer or a tennis player.  Haha. One thing that I think you need on your website is pictures and profiles of all your amazing employees.  I can’t wait until you are on Facebook.  I’m an avid user myself.

Eric Maugee - Florida

We always think of you for all our parts needed in the UK. You are our main supplier and I really appreciate the good service you provide to us. Thanks again.

David Van Der Wee

Thanks for your reply, and by the way I have already used your company for parts and compliment you on the service I have had so far.

Gordon Devenish - Sabb owner

Many thanks for quote Keith, some very good reading on the service manual. Great help for me cheers, that's another pint I owe you.

Michael O'Brien
I have today received my refund and your handwritten explanation. I have to say how impressed I was. Not only with the refund but the fact that you took the time to handwrite the explanation. I can't argue with your explanation. I can only send you my apologies if I got the wrong end of the stick. It is indeed a shame that more companies can't learn from your example and you have my thanks.

Thank you for the belt received first thing this morning - excellent service

My grateful thanks for the very swift service in supplying me the handbook/manual

Very many thanks for the parts which arrived so promptly - it enabled me to get the engine going before the weekend which proved to be a great asset

Thank you very much indeed for sending me the water pump gaskets.Your help is very much appreciated and I hope the next time I will be able to send you a decent order !

I would like to compliment you on your services , to supply me with parts for my engine.Within 23 hours of calling you by phone I had the parts fitted to my engine

Many thanks for identifying spares for my FR 2 engine I received them promptly - splendid service !

Please find enclosed payment. Thanking you for the trust shown me and for the first class service received from your staff.

Thank you so much for the trouble you took to identify my requirements

I appreciate very much the service you give your customers, its a pleasure to do business with you

Thank you for your considerable efforts on our account it is genuinely appreciated

Many thanks for the superb service

Spares received Red Star thanks for the very efficient service

Thank you for the excellent service a pleasure to deal with you

Thank you for your helpfulness and quick delivery

We really appreciate your help in getting the engine running again and are happy to learn about a source of Lister FR parts. We nurture the old girl (engine) along because it was a present from Sir Percy Lister at a time when I was very active in shipbuilding in the UK ( early '50's) He was very proud of that design because Lister had tried to build the best engine ever. In respect to their efforts it seems we ought to try and keep her running. We appreciate your help in this instance and look forward to continued contact.

Please find my enclosed cheque for ten pounds, sorry about this but I did not check your figures as I've never known you to be wrong yet. Still I suppose there is always a first time, Keith don't make a habit of this as I am now a few pints of beer out ! Look after yourself and remember me to your dad.

Your attention to my order was very much appreciated. Thank god there is at least one firm left who have a sense of real business.

Many thanks for the prompt dispatch of the good supplied , I will have pleasure in recommending you around this area.

I thank you for your prompot attention and excellent service

I thank you very much for your help and will not hesitate to recommend your services to others

Thank you very much for all the assistance you gave me. In future I will contact you first if I have any further trouble.

Some weeks ago you promptly sent me some spares and I have not received an invoice ? As you were so kind and efficient with your service maybe its been mislaid - please forward me a copy so I can settle.

I would like to say what a pleasant change it is to deal with a firm such as yours which can deal with orders in a speedy and efficient manner.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your excellent and very efficient turn around service on this occasion with regards to the Lister Blackstone 8 cylinder engine in our motor tug 'Accomplice' . I took particular interest in this job as the tug is actively engaged on an important contract. I have also been informed by our staff that you are most helpful on all the other range of spares for our auxilary and marine engines. This is indeed very pleasing at a time when many firms are so indifferent.

My sincere apologies for this delay in payment, I hope it will not prejudice you against us on future trading as we have always found your service to be first class and extremely helpful

I would like to thank you very much indeed for the speedy way in which you reacted to our pleas for help in supplying parts for the gearbox of the Yard launch. They all arrived this morning - perfect. It is indeed heartening in this day and age of strikes and go slows to find a firm that appreciates an appeal for help and i would once again like to congratulate you on the efficiency of your staff and the excellent service they have given us

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