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Lombardini began business in 1922 and is a world leader among producers of diesel engines upto 50kw. In market sectors, agriculture, construction, industrial, automative, marine, utility and ATV vehicles. Sleeman and Hawken offer the full range of Lombardini engines, parts and technical information.



Lombardini has always been the unquestioned leader in providing small and medium-sized engines for agricultural machinery: satisfying demand in this market takes up a significant part of the products produced by the company and an estimated 40% of the European market.

Over the years, Lombardini has acquired unmatched know-how and has become known for quality, reliability, and complete respect for the environment, for labor, and for safety in the agriculture of the 21st Century. The principal applications in the market are: 4x4 Tractors Fruit picking/harvesting Lawn mower Motor-cultivators 4x4 Tractors Fruit picking/harvesting Lawn mower Motor-cultivators Motor-mowers Rotary-hoes Multi-purpose vehicles Motor-mowers Rotary-hoes Farm machinery.


The building construction market has become one of the fundamental targets of Lombardini’s strategy.Taking advantage of its new, complete line of air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines, the company has set a goal of becoming Europe’s leader in 5 years. Significant results have already been achieved with leading OEMs on their markets, particularly in applications involving road compacting, earthmoving and road maintenance.



Thanks to their advanced technology and reliability, Lombardini engines offer performance that is perfectly suited to a market that requires quiet, vibration-free products that improve the comfort of the ultimate user.

The increasingly greater attention paid to these areas is evident in the concept of the Sileo engine: a soundproofed unit that drastically reduces noise

The principal applications in the market are:
Asphalt cutters Cement mixers Compact shovel loaders Dumpers, Mini-excavator Mini-dumper Compressor Plate vibrator, Roller-compactors Elevated work platforms


Experience and applied research in the industrial sector have enabled Lombardini to develop a product line with a particularly wide range of performance ratings, operating standards and levels of sophistication.
It’s a product line in which each industrial machine can be given its ideal “heart” to successfully tackle even the most highly competitive, most demanding markets.


Industrial business

The company’s new line of modern, technologically advanced engines meets today’s highly stringent international standards and has enabled Lombardini to supply important customers in a host of different businesses, such as the fork lift industry.

Lombardini is the leader on the Italian and European markets in the sector of professional cleaning machines, and particularly in the field of motorized sweepers and high-pressure water jet cleaners. In addition to traditional engines, the company also offers versions fueled with natural gas and LPG, so that the machine can be used both outdoors and in enclosed areas, while offering top performance.
The electric vehicle sector has great potential for Lombardini, which produces products that are highly suited to these applications.

The principal applications in the market are:
Refrigeration units Motorized sweepers Motorized welders Generators


The European leader in engines with power ratings of up to 50 kW, Lombardini has long been developing technology that centers aroundon full respect for the environment and for public health.
This mission has led the company to become increasingly involved in the design of engines for mini-cars since 1976.

The share taken up by the automotive sector has expanded from an initial 4% of total production to the current 20%, thus strengthening the company's position as an undisputed European leader. The priority given to this sector has enhanced Lombardini’s competitiveness. It has also enabled the company to achieve important synergies and, above all, to enjoy new opportunities in its automotive business. In particular, the technological improvements achieved by the injector/pump system on the new FOCS engine have significantly reduced noise levels and tailpipe emissions.

Engines designed for mini-cars are more and more environmentally friendly, quiet, light and compact, and can easily be combined with "zero emission" systems such as electric vehicles or reduced-emission systems such as natural gas and LPG.

The principal applications in the market are:
City car Leisure vehicles Mini-bus, small commercial vehicles Mini car

City car: engine-driven or hybrid Leisure vehicles Minibuses, Mini-cars, small commercial vehicles Mini-cars with or without driver's license requirement.

Automotive innovations

Three major technological innovations are brilliant examples of Lombardini’s research achievements and are contributing to developing the new concept car of the future:

The diesel or gasoline Power Pack CVT with integrated automatic transmission and gearbox, which is ultra-compact for perfect installation in the vehicle.

The revolutionary Hybrid Power, which offers electric drive in the city and engine drive on long distances and to recharge the batteries. All major international manufacturers are currently investigating hybrid propulsion.

The 442 project, an engine for city-cars in common-rail diesel or MPI gasoline versions, offers reduced external dimensions, great comfort, superior reliability and a remarkably low noise level.


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